Our Team
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Marvin Hamons​

(419) 720-0800

Marvin is a resident of Northwood Ohio and has been married for more than 37 years. He and his wife, Pattie, have 3 adult children. He is a Computer Engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in Information Technology.​

Phil Zuccarel​

Systems Analyst
(419) 720-0800

Phil is a specialist at connecting Xerox equipment onto existing networks. Phil’s training and background gives him advanced understanding of multifunction devices and network environments in today’s ever-changing technology. Phil is also the President of ZTech IT Solutions. ​

Pattie Hamons​

Account Manager
(419) 720-0800

Pattie is the president of Character Assets Ltd. the parent company of Solutions for Documents. Character Assets Ltd. is a Human Resources consulting firm celebrating its 20th year. They provide nearly any Human Resources assistance a small to midsize company could need, including by not limited to policy development & implementation, Pre-Employment assessments, Drug Free Workplace policy implementation, training & assistance. Harassment training, and much more.​